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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> heads up at south jersey high school. extra patrols brought out by a south jersey high school this morning. a lot of security around this building y school officials taking extra precautions. >> and the mayor elect, has named his pick for the new police commissioner. rehear from richard ross, are things going to change? >> we shall see. plus: could russia be in danger of being banned from the next olympics? sound familiar? see how russian officials responding to a doping
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scandal, involving its athletes. philadelphia tradition, but becoming more differs now. what is now added to the mummers parade. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, november the 12th, 2015. right to the weather and the traffic. what is the number. >> six today, rain is on the way, nos here yet for most of us unless you're in the lehigh vale, saw some rain this morning, six out of ten, bus stop buddy, he has the umbrella, a midday rain we are calling it, but starting off cloudy, and chilly temperatures in the 40's, watching radar, and we see there are those showers to the north of us, and now out to the west of us, as well, heavier rain, yet to come. we'll keep an eye on this all morning long, don't expect to see sunshine, not much to start the day, if any at all. there you see a loft clouds saw the sun trying to come through earlier, sunrise,
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51 degrees, high temperature in early high temperature of 63, with those midday showers, that should be gone by about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, wind pick up this evening, sunset time 4:48. so we through a lot of numbers at you there, bob kelly, what you got? >> how about 76? we got a problem on 76, it is 7:02, on this thursday morning. a live look at an accident, this is an example of what happens, i told you about the deer, a deer jumping across the schuylkill. >> ♪ a dough, a deer, a female -- >> westbound on the schuylkill expressway, right near conshohocken. we saw them this morning a out along 422, 202, example westbound on the skunk, just west of 476. also a problem on the schuylkill westbound also. this is a disable tractor-trailer, out near vare avenue. right near the vare avenue curve. we come up with a song on that one there. but watch for delays heading in toward center city.
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south 995 stack up from cottman in through girard avenue. forty-two coming in toward the city, heavy from expressway, on into the whitman. and then wood burr a crash evergreen and cooper, causing delays there. mike and alex being back over to you. >> 7:03 this thursday morning. >> extra patrols in place against threat against kingsway school on social media. >> officials say the threat against the tenth grade classes, at the gloucester county school, was posted on a form ever forum. wool whiff township police department, they are increasing patrols around the high school. probably are already out there right nowment and also included patrols around the middle school there. >> so watch for extra police officers in that area. college and high school student from all around the area will join in on the million student march. will march to demand 15-dollar minimum wages for all campus workers, tuition free public universities, and cancellation of student debt. student rent disappointed
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while college tuition and student debt have been sky rocketing the minimum wage in the country has stayed the same. similar rallies held earlier this week by fast-food workers making similar demands. >> first deputy commissioner richard ross, you all know him very well, will replace retiring police commissioner ramsey on january the fourth. >> many saying steve he is already ready for this role. >> well, around here, the current commissioner and deputy commissioner are more commonly known as chuck and richie. we keep it formal on the news, these guys so well like by everybody, not just in the department and the media but real a lot of the people in town, as will. you don't hear a bad word about either guy. as soon as the sunrises and stay usually long after the sun goes down, that doesn't mean just staying in a building but where ever they are needed throughout the city. richard ross, by the way, if you don't know, a married father of two, grew up in the fernrock second hon, now lives in the fox chase section, now going to be married to career
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that will make him father figure, 6600. >> sometimes we hear from folks who have legitimate concerns. that's real but there are a lot folks who don't talk about how much they appreciate the police and know about how difficult the job that they do, and see we will work hard to improve those relationships, do you have. >> you have over 200 commanders, over, invested time, money, their life, learning the policies, police department, you have a chance to move up. to bring it from within, everybody realize they have a shot or will is a shot at moving up. that's the way it should be. it is recalled philadelphia police department. that's the way it should stay. >> from a fraternal orders every police union, same police graduating class of 89 with richard ross. soap, 26 years, on the job for both guys, and they moved up to the top of the ladder, on
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both sides of the department. that's mike, 26 years you can get bob kel a shot maybe if you are good and keep your nose to the green. only in philly can i steel this bruce gordon second many, do you have another, one of our reporters, me here on seventh street, we're about to toss to our other morning reporter five blocks away, not on second but two street, then alex, your philadelphia quiz, the street of street that runs parallel between 13th and 15th streets in the city, not 14th street, but -- >> oh. >> broad street. >> there go. >> and why do we call front street front street and not 1st st.? >> go ahead, mike. >> that means he doesn't know. >> the quakers, there is only one, and that's god. so you don't have a 1st st., we call it front street. >> very good. >> fill fact for you, philly fact. >> fun fact to know with lauren dawn johnson coming up next. >> right to the top store thinks morning, for the second time in one week, police searching for the person who robbed the north american motor lodge on city avenue. the most recent happened
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around 5:00 this morning, police say few hundred dollars, and at least, one cell phone was take friend someone staying at the lodge. a similar robbery happened on tuesday, investigators not sure yet if the two cases are connected. >> new details in dead had i hit-and-run on the new jersey turnpike, we know driver hit and killed 68 year old michael himknack of grand berry texas and kept going. they say the victim had dimmen end shah, probably wandered away from a hotel. looking at footage looking for the driver. >> chain reaction crash in olney. sharif on his way to work at burger king, noticed violent accident unfolding before had i eyes. it happened at 5600 block front street yesterday morning. burnette said he ran toward the accident, he noticed woman trapped inside a mangled suv. >> she was bleeding badly. i just toll her to stay with me, i'm not going to leave you, and i just kept talking to her to make sure she didn't pass out on me or try to move.
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>> good for him. looking at the wreckage, hard to believe the woman even survived the crash. investigators still trying to figure out exactly what happened in that situation. that's a look at your top stories, mike and alex, back to you. >> you got it, thanks, lauren. tonight is opening night of the franklin square holiday festival. >> i love this park, telling you, just few blocks from where we are at right now, along with electrical spectacular, which i love. attraction also features winter beer garden. seasonal food, and a holiday shopping market. last week's crews began hanging more than 50,000 lights for the light show. festival runs through december 31st. new years eve. >> all right, let's start strutting, because many mummers have been strutting through the heart of the city for 115 years now, but this new years, you will notice some changes. >> dave kinchen is planning to become a mummer. did i not realize that, hi, dave. >> yep, that's right. and i've been working on my strut. tell you what, a lot of history obviously as you said with the mummer here, on two
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street, mummers museum behind me. a lot of the food from various new years mars, before, and it will be different, the 2016 new years day parade, will have a cultural increase with the philadelphia division. that's the name of the group joining the iconic comics and string bands there is year, members from the san mate owe carnival event also dragon dance group members from chinatown, the changes come after reoccurring accusations of cultural insensitive at this, now, the mummers, banned the use of black face years ago, you may recall, they're in the history, now, there is reaction coming in, from all over. >> parade, the rest of the world, rest of the city what's going on in the world in the city. diversity is great. everything eventually makes changes. you know, change is government change is good for everything. you know, not bad thing to start growing, you know, adding more people, add different people, people that, you know, may not be accustom
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to, but learn new values, learn new things about people's cult europe. i think it is a good thing. >> i think including others are good. philadelphia known for brotherly love, and like diversity. and like philadelphia's a pretty differs place, so i think mummers including them i think that's beneficial, not only them, but for our city. >> now you may recall recent controversy knack 2013, by the venetian new years association, where members danced around in indian garb, portraying out source call center, now, organizers of this increased effort for diversity say they not only want to improve the image of the mummers but also bring more people down, because they feel that numbers have declined in recent years. guys, back to you. >> all right, 7:10, thank you for, that dave. new report says russia should be banned from the 2016 summer olympics, that's going to be chris in rio, right? >> over in london, the world
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anti-doping agency is accusing russian government of doping and cover ups during the olympic games in london and sophie. made the allegation in the 300 page report monday, the report says russian olympic teams had been using performance enhancing drugs for years. the russians sports minister vowing to clean up his count rip's drug testing labs, and the country's president, vat leer putin, vowing the country's athletes will actually cooperate in the investigation. the authors believe the russian government itself has been involved in this cheating. >> we found cover ups, found cover ups in the laboratories, payments of monday any order to conceal doping tests. >> tomorrow's track governing bodily decide whether or not to suspends the russian track team for the upcoming games in 2016. that will be the first step in excluding the country athletes from next year's game. mike and alex, these
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allegations in this 300 page report are truly salacious. you heard from a lot of presidents there, hey, save all your samples. we want to come look at them. right before the team got there to inspect them, they were all thrown out. the guy that heads up the lab in moscow said oh, i didn't understand what you meant. i was just cleaning things up before you got here. so it was nice and neat for you. unbelievable allegations, alex. >> i bet they were cleaning it up then, that's little interesting. >> we'll see what happens for next year's games. >> for sure, chris. 7:12, learning more about deadly us strike on doctors without borders medical fast ill any afghanistan. now this is coming to us from the associated press, they report us troops were half mile away when the attack happened. and we're relying on information from allies who presented the office without boarders hospital. thirty people were killed until that attack last month, and the us claimed responsibility saying there was reason to believe the taliban had control of the bass facility. >> 7:00 is it -- 7:12.
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>> lou looking into three separate incident of flights being handed at dallas airport being hit by lazer beam. altitudes three to 4,000 feet when being hit by beam coming from area around 11 miles southeast of dallas. >> so dangerous. the fbi released this video to target the illegal youth of lazer point tears distract airplanes. lazer pointer can seriously disrupt pilots vision. and aiming one at an aircraft, violation every federal law. officials say instances of lazer pointer crime have increased significantly, over the last ten years. we've had report of it right here at philadelphia international airport, as well. >> president obama will bestow the nation's highest military honor to one courageous vet today. listen to what this guy did. >> soap, former army captain, florence growberg, tackled suicide bomber while serving in afghanistan in august of 2012. the former captain's courageous act saved the lives of many of his fellow soldiers with him on that day. eggs 32 years old.
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>> 7:14. big day for gadget lovers. apple unveiled its new ipad pro. shoppers lined up at the apple store in san francisco to check it out. it is # hundred dollars by the way. it is $800. >> aimed mostly at business users, ipad sales have been slowing down for several quarters, now, and apple sold nearly 55 million ipads last year, i think they're going to be fine, ladies and gentlemen. ya. >> probably. >> sue? >> i'm just waiting for the iphone seven to come out. >> i want the iphone 52. >> i want to win the lowry so i can buy anything from apple. really. showers today. we're thinking the time frame is 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. we have got winds that will be picking up tonight, and tomorrow, gusting to 40 miles an hour, and tomorrow, and saturday, the fall chill
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returns, it will be a lot chillier in the future. thanks to this cold front. moving through right now, some of the rain will be starting to sneak into our western suburbs, casino of soon, so let's get to the seven day forecast, and show you what's happening. we are calling this midday showers, as we just showed you, 10:00 to 2:00 pretty much the time willing for the rain, say 3:00 at the late test will be out of here. we might even see tiny bit of sunshine before the day is through. you know, sunsets pretty early l these day. 57 degrees tomorrow with winds gusting as high as 30, 40 miles per hour or more, autumn chill saturday, it is still breezy, so ooh degrees is our high. but it will feel chillier than that. a cold start on sunday, with temperatures in the 30's. so, some frogs around sunday morning. if you are going to the game it, will warm up by game time. as you know, there will be tailgating way before 1:00. >> you know it, got to get down there early for the hot chocolate in the parking lot. 7:15, westbound on the
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schuylkill, accident involving vehicle and deer, right here just west of 476. although both lanes are open, we are back up belmont all the way out past conshohocken. and then coming through south philadelphia, west on the schuylkill, you come over the walt whitman bridge, and trying to get into center city, there is a disable tractor-trailer, right near vare avenue. that is causing a delay. otherwise, on the benny, starting to see volume poppas you work your way into downtown philly, south on 95, heavy from cottman avenue, in through girard. watch out for the leaves, not only in the neighborhoods, but like on the drivers, the kelly, martin luther king, or the lincoln drivers, already had motorcycle accident early this morning. on the kelly drive. ninety-five, you got that traffic pattern shuffle, there at girard avenue. and then south jersey and wood burden of proof a accident at evergreen, and cooper. mike and alex back over to up. >> talk about those dallas cowboys, what do you say? >> well, dallas cowboys defensive end greg hardy facing more controversy. he changed his twitter bio to
7:17 am
read innocent until proven guilty and quote lack of knowledge and information is just ignorance. he is apparently referring to picture every his ex girlfriend's bruised body, yes, changed his twitter profile a lot of people had a lot to say about that. >> just be quiet, greg, go away. >> asking awe question about the sixers, did the sixers win last night? >> they did not. they are still perfect. >> still winless this morning? >> yes. >> last night them came away easily with a win, 119 to 103. sixers lost the first eight games of the season, yep. >> so if you go back to last year, they've lost 18 straight games. >> jalil still very good. bright spot. twenty-six points last night. >> again? sixers will try for their first win tomorrow night against the oklahoma city thunder. oh, no. they are really good. and the owner of the sixers, and new jersey devils, is apologizing this morning, for
7:18 am
this. >> this after two youth soccer teams had to cancel their games because his helicopter landed on the feel where they yes go to play. >> yes, josh harris, used field a nearby newark prep school sunday night. he had his helicopter pick him up after a devils game, which is close by, by the way, that went into over time. that was the reason for the delay. those with the school say a scheduling errors to blame for what happened. josh released statement saying, alex? >> i sincerely apologize to the kids and their coaches and families for the cancellation of their soccer game. iodated who spent hundreds of hours warm my kids play sports, i can understanded the frustration, for that i am truly sore. >> i i apologize for my helicopter landing on your soccer field. >> but ellen cite them to upcoming deft game. >> guess they don't want the sixers game. >> , no nobody wants those tickets. eighteen straight. last season sixers went zero and 17 to start the season, or was it zero and 18.
7:19 am
zero and 17, yes. we are still perfect. >> i guess that's a bright way to look at it. >> by the way we have been asking you what's your pump up song in if a song comes on the radio and you just have to dance to it, that's the song we're looking for herement like juan darks michael jackson don't stop until you get enough. >> that's a good one. >> and then this one says hustle hard by ace hood. oh, that gets me going, she says. >> oh, ya, me too. >> then this one, i want to dance with somebody. >> oh, that's good one. >> yes, funny doing this over listening to quiet. >> missy elliot, work by sierra. that's great. >> and this one says funky a town by the lips. every day before practice. oh, funky noun. >> no, just funky town isn't it? >> there is an a in there. >> i apologize for, that in fact whether we come back, we'll play funky town. one more. >> here we go. bruno mars, uptown funk,
7:20 am
erika, i women have to agree with you on that one. >> of course. >> you're over uptown funk in. >> , no i still love it. another restaurant, bad to the list, don't tip at my restaurant. joe's craig shack says no, you don't need to tip in my restaurant watch do you think about this? is this good or bad for waiters and waitresses. lottery numbers!
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can you hear that funky town? >> funky. >> ♪ >> our mike's weren't up. hi, adam. >> could you hear that funky town music? >> i hear you guys.
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you guys talking to me? you. >> talking to me? >> he is playing with us. >> i can hear the producer, i don't hear mike and alex. guy is talking to me? >> i don't hear you off air. or on air, rather. >> okay, adam. he is this close to doing a cuss word. >> hello philadelphia. >> oh, then let's take him off. >> let me tell you what's going on here, joe ' crab shack, i think four locations if the philadelphia area, they have started this no tipping policy like a lot of restaurants are doing, now i want it hear on twitter and facebook from the waitresses and waiters because aren't they going to make a lot less monday if i there is no tipping? >> they'll end christ their wayne, still not the $15 an hour a lot of people are asking for. it is 12. but they're saying hey maybe it will compensate. even as accustommer what do i do then if i go to joe's crab shack, i feel like i had great service and i like what you did. do i just say thanks, do i say give a tip like look both ways. >> don't pea into the winds? >> wear a coat if you're cold.
7:25 am
>> stuff like that? those are good tips. >> feel awkward not to do anything. >> i will still tip. i'm so used to doing. >> is that technically a double tip? their tip is already put into their wage. >> double tip. >> it is the dt, the double tip. >> can you double tip? are you allowed? >> you are mess it up. we were doing so well. >> i'm a big fan of mozarella. i told this before. i will stop and get ball of mozarella at a deli or something and eat it like an apple disbelief seen do you t what about sticks? not apple circular form. >> i am a big fan of mozarella stick. i get one every day. >> now going to mcdonald's offering them up, start in the wisconsin trying it out. now this will be the real deal. bringing it to their loving it menu. >> wisconsin all about the cheese, right? >> exactly. >> so will it be warmed up. will it be breaded? i hope not. i just like the raw mozarella stick. >> of course it will be breaded no way they'll give you like sticks of cheese.
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>> it will be breaded and fried? >> it is mcdonald's, yes. >> something a little interesting. would you like, is jen actually clubbing early in the morning. >> she's in the dark. >> that's what jacks me up. you know sometime we have to stuff a bar with people, just tell them to go? look, actual people here at 7:00 in the morning. it is i woke up like this party. these are real people. we didn't plant them here. they are actually here to get down. so come on back, i will tell you all about this cool event. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant.
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new information coming out of columbia, turmoil at the university of miss your. >> i and in the next hour the luxury department stores add that gaining a lot of attention, what bloomingdales put between two models, of course not beyonce video, but there is picture we will show you that is an app for bloomingdales. >> we've done that twice today. let's see if we can go for three. >> tension remains very high at the university of missouri including this morning. where some students are avoiding campus due to continued unrest and threats made against the black student
7:30 am
specially. >> so joining thus morning, to talk about the campus unrest, director of black men at men. >> good to see you. let's get to this. there was kid who threatened to kill every black student on the campus of the university of missouri. they found out who this little creep was and they arrested him. >> student at the university of missouri, rala, different campus, so this is hug mugshot, expect in the could your today. but there were number of they on social media. so some student they felt that were afraid to go to class. litter think guy said ill shoot every black person on campus. >> so some of the classes did have exams yesterday, couple of student didn't juan to go to the class to take the he can maniment so the professor issued a statement that far class. >> yes. someone emailed the professor saying hey i don't think i can come in and take this exam, i don't feel safe. this is what the professor said back in a e-mail. if you don't feel safe coming to class then don't come to class. i will be there, there will be exam administered in our class, if you give into beliefs they win. the only you with a bullies
7:31 am
defeated is by standing to up them. if we cages the exam they win. if we go through with it they lose. i know what side i am on. you make your choice. >> so people went nuts and said you better rear sign? >> that's absurds. very absurd. in a sense that when you are looking at this climate, those student event every right not to go to class. if anything, serious fear, if anything what we really need to do do is have a discussion and have social workers on campus have some de briefing, talking about student how they feel have, them reflect on things. class is the last thing they really need to be engaged in a. >> do you think it was right to call them a bullary. >> her to than just bullying situation. whether looking at the climate when we look at all of the things happening around the country we have to take these threats serious. this is not just a bully person that's trying to bully someone with a e-mail or, you know, some idol threat. this is something that's really serious. >> does a student say right, there is something going on, i don't want to take this ex
7:32 am
snap. >> certainly. could you have a death in the family have, an emergency, car accident. so certainly as a professor, i have been teaching for 13 years, a lot of reasons why student don't want to come to class. i actually, you know, allowed them for reaching out advocating for themselves, using a agency to say they don't feel comfortable coming under all of these terroristic threats, and just things that are happening on this campus. >> one of the student said he was afraid. so professor apologize in the. >> offered to he sign if this made things uncomfortable. the university has not stemmed the resign, do you think they should if. >> i don't think you should have to resign. all of these are teachable moments against the backdrop of challenge we're seeing, some of the hate monitoring, and fear mongering. i think the professor stay, i think what we do we continue to have conversations around diversity training and anti-racism training. >> when you say fin town have conversation, the university has come out with a list of things they are saying this is
7:33 am
what we will do to move in the right directionment one of them hiring diversity chancellor. one, do you think that was good mover, two, what would that person do. >> excellent move. i think that person looks at the climate on campus, looks at fact tull at this to make sure there is equity and gender line, then looking at tune tie racism training for student we make it mandatory. anti-racism training looks like privilege, prejudice, plus power, gives us institutional racism factors happening on college campuses. not just in college campuses but corporate structure. >> some schools have that already. >> not all schools. at the university of pen school social policy and practice it is mandatory to take full year coaster on how to be culturally competent with the backdrop of racial training. >> obviously it is a very interesting climate at the university of missouri right now, even other schools, yale, what going on there, protests happening there too. what should or should a student do if he they will like hey i don't like what's
7:34 am
is happening, i am hearing things, people are saying things should they go directly to the diversity department or to the police, where? >> both ends. i think they should go to trusted adult, mentors in campus, talk to some of the organizations like fraternities, sororities they are part of, talk to the trusted professors, talk to their roommate. one of the things we are seeing in america is we are seeing a reignitement of student activism. be mindful that in berkley there were 2,000 white student who walked out of school and said black lives matter. so not just one side of the culture. everyone saying listen let's respect each other, let's not engage in irrational hatred. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we will stay on t always good to see the two of you. >> not over at the university of missouri. >> it continues. especially the other campuses, too, yale and other ones. >> on lighter note, chad, we have found a list of the top cities in north america, for the best live music. now the first sit that i comes
7:35 am
to my mind, like i said. >> oh, we go to sue. >> what i like to sing about is the weather. >> ♪ sunny days. >> remember the weather girl? what was their big hit? >> it is raining men. >> thank you, bob, i knew you would know that. >> yes. >> here is our weather boy. when you see him shall bus stop buddy, when he can be particularly helpful. because you look out the window right now, you say hey, it is not raining. bus stop buddy has umbrella so he knows it will be raining in in a couple of hours being make sure you have the bumm a with you, even though it is not raining right now, in our weather by the number six out of ten, here's where we're headed to to high temperature and early high of 63 degrees. now sunset is at 4:48. i think sometime between when the rain end, and when darkness falls, we will see little bit of sunshine, so, keep that in mind, these are midday showers. the wind will pick up tonight. we will have very blustery day
7:36 am
tomorrow. talk about that many doing up in the seven day forecast, hey, bob kelly. >> 7:36 this thursday morning. live look at the benny. stack and pack here from mid-span into downtown at eighth and vine. jammo 95, pretty much cottman all the way into girard being nothing out of the ordinary there as you head into northeast philly. good morning collegeville, eastbound on 422, already heavy, now, keep in mind, at 9:00 they take this down to one lane between oaks and trooper. so if you are going to get a late start or headed into king of prussia, during the midday, only one thereon 422, beginning at 9:00. then south on 295, we got disable tractor-trailer on the ramps from route 561, as you head south, down in toward bellmawr. westbound on the schuylkill, early morning accident that involved a deer, just west of 476. the busy stretch here, the schuylkill, accident, westbound, so we're extra heavy from the boulevard up the hill past conshy, mike and
7:37 am
alex back to you. >> like i was saying, we found this list of the top cities in north america for live music. now, i would think oh, look at air ian a, i would think texas, but is that number one? >> listen, raining men. >> ♪ >> weird to see her and listen to that. >> but it is snowing where she is, right? >> in the weather. >> ♪ star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is on. right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family. for a limited time sign and drive off in a new 2015 lincoln navigator for $759 a month with zero due at signing.
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>> ♪ >> bruno mars concert soon. >> i would love that. >> speaking of music, i thought for sure, again, we found this list of the best cities in north america, for live music. i thought for sure it would be six street there in austin texas, but no, listen to this. philadelphia number one. alex? >> jazz festivals like this
7:41 am
one, over the summer, part of the reason concerts like, well, concerts live looked at data. >> yes, concerts live. com. >> i see. looked at data like overall number of concerts, median ticket price, found philly to be number one. >> we're number up. >> me and particular prices here $125. and we're big into adult contemporary alternative and jazz. >> yes. >> and music festivals, made in america, great stuff. >> you know what, we are number one. >> thirty music festival. >> with a was number two? >> all right, boston. then came washington, d.c. toronto, and orlando. >> aren't those weirds? austin didn't make the top five? i'm totally off base. >> i'm shocked, too, like the live music capitol of the us. >> ♪ >> all right. well, listen to this. have you ever gone clubbing before you go to work? i mean, 7:00 in the morning? >> okay, i was going to say some people just carry into
7:42 am
work. >> well, i have done. that but a club has opened, 17th and walnut. look at jen's clubbing at 7:42. >> okay, i want to repeat, i didn't ask these people to come. they came, they love it, this is i woke up like this party. >> they want to dance with somebody, mike jerrick, and i think it is you. >> koda, the name of the club? basically on walnut between 17th and 18th. get over there if you want to club. >> ♪
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>> only place we've seen rain this morning, north, there in lake in the poconos, lehigh valley seeing some rain this morning, as well. we are getting ready everywhere, to get some rain. here's the colds front that's bringing the rain. it will come through today, and it will be very chilly behind it, colder air, and higher winds, at least for friday, and maybe even into the early part of saturday, with these high wind. here's where the rain is right now, we look at this area of heavier rain just starting to edge into lancaster county, berks county getting some, western part of berks county
7:46 am
get some slightly heavier rain, won't be long, next hour or two before it happens here. here is the poconos mountains talking about the light rain falling there, very gloomy start to the day there, as well. we've seen some impressive sunrise pictures on social media this morning, cool. right around pottsville raining this morning the future weather shows the rain rolling through about 9:00, 10:00 here in philadelphia, at its heaviest between 11:00 and 12 noon. and then, by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon pretty much dissipating, that's it, see little bit of sunshine before sunset. and that's the precipitation today. kind of the opposite of yesterday. we miss both rush hours, with the rain, right smack in the middle of the day when we get it, then looking at the future wind gust, we see tonight, wind gusts possible, of 40 miles an hour, between 25 to 30 miles an hour tomorrow morning. looks like up in the mountains it will be even windier than here in the city but as late as 6:00 tomorrow evening could get 30-mile per hour wind gust
7:47 am
in philadelphia. so it won't and good hair day today or tomorrow. 47 degrees in pottstown, mount pocono, 48 in reading, getting ready for more rain in lancaster, 47 degrees, 51 at philadelphia international airport, 52 in wildwood, and these winds will be picking up a lot, although they're calm right now, that's not going to last. for the kick off forecast for the game sunday, eagles versus florida, we've got miami dolphins, thank you, i knew it was in florida. >> close enough. >> it is a fish. it is 55 degrees, now, what's the matter with everybody today? i caught it, too. 63 degrees today, 57 tomorrow, plenty of sunshine over the weekend, when the birds play the fish on sunday, it will be sunny, we're off to cold -- it will be cold for tailgating sunday morning being temps in the 30's and 40's. that's your forecast good luck, bob kelly. >> you know, we all new it would be a bad day whether we walked in at 3:00 and all of
7:48 am
the computer screens were black over there in the traffic department, the weather department. up and running here, southbound 59 accident right near the commodore barry bridge. >> this fellow here in the left lane, look at everybody all bunched up. here comes the penndot truck coming up the shoulder here, again south 95, right at the commodore barry, also got that delay headed northbound, up in toward philadelphia. south on 95, not bad at all right here. looking good working your way into cottman avenue. southbound lanes of 295, though, there is an accident, first we got disable truck right at 561. and they are getting word of accident, further south, down near route 30, which is the white horse pike. accident involving deer on the schuylkill off to the shoulder, but it is causing a big delay for everyone leaving town, westbound, bumper to bumper from the boulevard out through belmont. who is hungry? >> i am. >> let's do it, today headed across the bridge, to cherry hill. amy's omlet house, cuthbert
7:49 am
boulevard. see you there from 9:00 to 10:00. i hear they got the band from the high school, which is right next-door. >> really? >> going to be playing out on the patio later on today. >> do you drink an energy drink? >> not really t gets my heart going crazy. >> occasionally i'll have a monster, something. >> five hour, that's another one? >> never tried. that will i don't know. five hours just seems like a lot. aah. >> so careful here. according to new study that we found just one energy drink per day may cause potentially harmful spikes in both your blood pressure and it stresses out your hormones. >> so, otherwise, healthy young adults, this is hang. so the research behind the study say after young adults drank 116-ounce can of energy drink, they saw 74% jump in blood levels of the hormone that controls our cider -- site or flight to either
7:50 am
combat or run. these young people also had significant increase in their blood pressure. researchers say if a drink has this effect on healthy young people, just imagine what it might do to older person or somebody with health problems. the study will be published in the american medical association journal. >> okay, watch out for that. and ladies, garlic breath may not be much of a turn-on on a date certainly, sometimes when you are on a date, no, hold the garlic, please. but garlic scented sweat. that's different story. check and scottish researchers asked men to eat garlic, and then collect their sweat on pads for 12 hours. what a weird study. then women took a whiff of these pads. smelled the men's sweat. the more garlic a men ate, the better women thought his sweat smelled. scientists are suggesting that since garlic is really healthy
7:51 am
for you, smelling like garlic could send a sub miami until message that you're a healthy man. so eat up guys. >> next they'll say let's eat ronyons before we go on dates. >> oh, i used to work with a woman, at a tv station, her name was nina, i still remember her name, she ate clove of garlic every day before she came to work. >> did she think were you a vampire or something in. >> apparently. she was really really attractive but she stunning to high heaven. >> all righty. and you put her name out there. >> mean, a owe she lives in tohopeka kansas, probably isn't even alive any more. we're clubbing, so 7:51. >> what? >> go! >> oh, me? okay, great. okay, so this is what is happening. cool benefit. check this out. for big brothers and big sisters. okay. do you hate it whether people ask you for something, dj?
7:52 am
>> no. >> cool. benefit for big brothers and big sisters. >> yes, and you can request a song, priority request for $10 goes to big brothers, big sisters. >> i love it. so we are in the koda night club. last time i was here it was din up. now doing live music events and events like this. and no surprise. recognized me when i was here at denim. you guys have having a ball. you're with ticket leaves, what the heck is that? >> diy on line ticketing system. so anyone who want to put on an event of their own can use ticket leave to sell their tickets to give out free tickets, so we want to show people that they can put on an event. >> i love it. i have to come over here, 30 seconds. we have to show the birthday girl and all of her friends that are in their jammies, because the party is i woke up like this, vinny the vegan is here. all right, weaver to sing happy birthday to our girl,
7:53 am
right? i love you guys came in your jammies. happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> this is what's happening, people, it is in philadelphia. more on my fox philly or fox 29. com i don't care. i love it. go to the break.
7:54 am
7:55 am
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7:56 am
man did starbucks stir thing up this holiday season, my goodness. the christmas cup controversy continues. >> just as were you starting to settle down over starbucks plane red cup, dunkin' donuts is getting involved now, too. dunkin just revealed their holiday cheer cup featuring wreaths with joy. >> the company says its interested national seasonal design was not made in response to the starbucks red cup. that will bob really good timing. >> well it, would be really fast response, that's for
7:57 am
sure. >> does anyone know, dunkin' donuts last year, did they have joy in those cups last year? >> let me research that. i don't know. >> so we can know, then. even still, it is not necessarily christian related. >> joy? >> closer to it. doesn't have manger on thereof mary and joes disbelieve true. >> i don't think it is directly connect the. >> jesus is the reason for the season. >> i guess it is closer than just red. >> bloomingdale's, we have bloomingdale's here, don't we? kop (there is a kop. >> aren't they building, building a bloomingdale's outlet here, uh-huh. you know bloomingdale's, fancy pants, apologizing for one of their holiday commercials. there it is. >> shawls a woman laughing on the left, while a man looks like robin thick stairs at her, inbetween them the phrase: spike your friends' eggnog when they're not
7:58 am
looking. what? >> so twitter went crazy yesterday when this ad was released. it sounds like kind of date rape stuff. bloomingdale's tweeted apology. calling it inapropriate, in poor taste. >> and if i were robin thicke i would sends them a message like don't be putting look alikes of me up on there. >> darn right. >> target, no plans to pull a sweater. >> sweater causing some controversy on line, from store shelves. >> what's it say. >> well, it is to says, we'll show it to you, ocd obsessive christmas disorder. >> a lot of people are complaining, they say it makes light of people with mental illness who has ocd, compulsive disorder, more than 2 million adult in the u.s. such from ocd. >> i'll be darn. >> trying to be cute. >> apparently we just can't put anything on anything. >> good day, it is thursday, november the 12th, 2015.
7:59 am
>> this is "good day philadelphia". >> ready to strut? mum verse been marching through the heart of philadelphia for more than 100 years. but what will be different? we'll discuss new years day. >> bombshell report out of hollywood. report right now of an a list actor who is h iv-positive. the speculation this morning, who could it be? who is at risk? >> backlash, more than 100 women pregnant after taking their birth control pills. the lawsuit with local ties, and what the victims are asking for. >> ♪ >> you want to be like beyonce, now you can. the beyonce work out, take it
8:00 am
this weekend in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> so, speaking of music, we want to know this. what song remind you of your ex? ex-husband, ex wife, ex lover, some sort. i have got mine in my head right now. i am thinking of you. >> i'm thinking everyone. >> i got one. >> what's the hashtag today? >> fox 29 goodday. >> that's what it is every day. >> exactly. >> you should be familiar with it. >> we keep it so we try to remember it. >> we don't want to overcome kate things. >> we have six on scam everyone to ten as far as weather is concerned. >> we do, that's because rain is on the way. you may not be seeing it now, but it is coming in the next couple of hours actually. so, bus stop buddy is ready to reminds you to grab the umbrella on the way out the door. it is cloudy. it is chilly at the bus stop. temps in the 40's, here's a pretty picture. my daughter jenny took this picture of beautiful philly sunrise. thank you for that might be
8:01 am
the only sun you see for awhile right before sun s here comes the rain. it is not as much as the last system which was a southern storm. cold front coming in from the west, and as we zoom in little closer we see rain in berks county and the western part of lancaster county, right now. it is dry in philadelphia, as you can see, in our neighborhood, 53 degrees, and a 7-mile per hour breeze, so it is midday showers, we are talking about, generally between ten a.m. and 2:00 p.m. when it will rain. and we will have gusty winds, following that, winds will pick up overnight tonight, and low of 45 degrees. so blustery day tomorrow. we will talk about that coming upment bob kelly where are the problems? >> lay sue good morning, 801:67:89 problems on 295 southbound, jammed solid from route 70 all the way down to the white horse pike, which is route 30, two separate accident in the mix there, outside we go, live look at i-95, they moved the crash off to the shoulder. but southbound delays into the commodore barry, northbound all backed up from kurland up
8:02 am
in toward the airport area. back up on the benny as well, coming into downtown at center city. and the roosevelt boulevard, little slow that right lane folks trying to get on to the schuylkill, we've had problems on the schuylkill westbound, an accident, out near 476. coming in from new jersey, on the freeway, about 25 minutes on the clock. and on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, about 37 minute trippet from philly over to valley forge, mike and alex, back over to you. >> 802:67:89 boy security is in place already. extra patrols in place right now after a threat against kingsway regional high school. this happened on social media yesterday. official say the threat against the tent grade class at the gloucester county school was posted on a forum on line. woolwich township police department are increasing patrols, out there right now, at the high school. and they've also decided to put extra patrol officers at the middle school as well. >> alex? >> press conference will be held today to address sexting and cyber bullying in chester county schools. conference surroundings
8:03 am
incident and tread i have rink east town school district. police were investigating student misconduct and in middle schools there. at least three student facing charges re for sending intimate images. cool district has been cooperating with the investigation. >> sixers and new jersey devils, apologizing this morning. this after two youth soccer teams had to cancel their game because this hell operate copter landed on the field. >> has a helicopter. >> josh used the field sunday night to have his helicopter pick him up after a definitely game. >> it was kind of in the evening. >> so school says scheduling error to blame what happened. harris said he is sorry and invite willing the teams and their families to upcoming devils game. >> oh, how about that? the problems when you have helicopter. >> yes. >> yes, and you're rich. the mummers have been marching through the heart of this city. i would say about oh, 115 years now? >> but this year's going to be little different, dave.
8:04 am
>> how? >> much different, outside the mummers museum, history hereof course, and will be adding to the history adding diversity, as well. now, it will be more differs, annual new years day mummers parade is a philly staple as we all know, but 2016 will be much different because of new group called the philadelphia division. the addition of a dragon dance group from chinatown, the changes come after reoccurring accusations of cultural insensitive at this over the years, with the mummers banning the use of black face for example several years ago, organizers made the reforms after complaints were made to the human relations commission in the city, the mummers attorney told us how they responded. >> it is important for us to diversify and we agreed, the mummers have not gone into this kicking and screaming.
8:05 am
the mummers fully embraced the concept of diversity. >> it is great. diversity, yes. >> each club, each organization, each people, everyone is different. so, you multiply that by four different divisions, ten clubs per division, micking in individual al at this, with amount of people spread out through the division, and the whole basically the city, mummers is the city. so you're going to add in different groups, different division action, i think can only bring positive things. >> by the van ocean organization, members danced around in indian grb, wearing dots on their heads, portraying out source call center, got a lot of flack for. that will now, organizers say they also not just want to boost the image of the mummers parade and in the tradition but bring more people down they feel that the numbers have decreased over the years, guys, back to you. >> big parade on new years
8:06 am
day, 80:00, a weather kind of bizarre story trending on line right now, alex. >> apparently is an a list, hollywood actor, that is causing, you know, some concern. >> this a list actor is h iv-positive, and has known about his status, for years now, hollywood insider told the sun newspaper in london the actor's lawyers are preparing for potential lawsuit. the source is saying the actor has knowingly put a lot of women at risk. high profile women, like award winning actress, a religious movie star, a hollywood personality, a tv star, and a glam or model. now the source claims the actor has been worried about his status, what it will mean for his future in hollywood, and what could happen to his career as a result of this news being broken. this is big news in hollywood. a lot of people saying this person is a womanizer, so
8:07 am
there is going to be so many women out here affected, if this is, you know, true of who it is, but we can't throw names around. but so many people have speculations who it might be, who it could be. this is crazy. >> people are looking at everybody like hum, is it you, is it you? >> so this is really big news right now? >> huge news in l.a. >> i wouldn't when this person will come forward? >> as soon as the lawsuits start coming in if they can confirm, that then we will know it, will name someone in the lawsuit. it will be multiple women supposedly, that saying this one person that they know and he has known for awhile now. >> he knows he has it? >> correct. >> not using a condom apparently. >> that's a crime we all know, right. >> he hasn't? >> no. >> if he knows, he should be using it. >> he should be. >> you still have to make that known to people. >> you got to let them know. >> still a crime either way if you are not telling them what your status is and you know
8:08 am
that's your status, especially if have had it for years, you can't say oh, i didn't know. >> yes. >> you have known about it. >> okay, keep us updated on. that will 8:08. another controversy though. and this is about another nanny. reports claim, again out of hollywood, gavin cheated on his then wife, gwen stefani, for years with the nanny. the new details surrounding this and the end of their marriage. >> but first, birth control backlash. more than 100 women pregnant after taking the birth control pills. the lawsuit that has local ties and what the victims are asking for, do they really have a case here? >> ♪ usher there goes my babe ♪ >> she said he used to sing it every time i walked into the room. oh, that's a nice song. >> and now he's not walking into that room any more. >> nope. he walked out of her life, mike. >> oh, no.
8:09 am
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>> just about 12 minutes after 8:00. we give you the run down what to expect the next couple every days, a lot of weather changes going on. today the showers, the timing of the showers is ream different from tuesday's rain, which was all day super-soaker. well, it will be a 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. event. those showers whip through pretty quickly, although we could have some downpours, maybe even isolated thunderstorm in the wake of the cold front that's bringing the showers, winds gust to go 40-mile an hour or more, tomorrow, and they really start to pick up tonight. you might hear it as you are trying to sleep tonight those winds. saturday fall chill returns, it will be very blustery on saturday, you see the rain starting to edge in into our area into lancaster county, berks county we zoom in and show you pocono mountain gotten light rain. few heavier downpours right around lancaster at the moment. everything headed west to east, chester count eye you're next, future weather cast shows by 11:00, 12:00 when the heavy rain moves through the i95 corridor.
8:13 am
heads eastward after. that will might see sunshine before sunset, which is really early like ten of 5:00. these days. that's the deal for precipitation, after today it is out of here throughout the entire weekend. temps have inch into the 50's, if some places, reading, allentown, philadelphia, we're in the 50's, and to the south of us, in the low to mid 50's, this morning, as you walk out the door winds are not as high as they're going to be, will start picking up in the wake as we said that far cold front this sunday, dolphins and eagles, mammal not a fish, thank you twitter. we always get reminded when we make an error. and we appreciate that so much. 55 degrees, when the game begins. , six a the high from yesterday, 63 the high for today. temps in the 50's, all the way through the weekends, warming up, after that. so, bob kelly, i know were you with a bunch of veterans yesterday. i was with my favorite veteran
8:14 am
yesterday. and it is somebody that you know, as well. show the picture earlier but we show it again, mike bo, many, many years here in philadelphia, wmgk. you worked with him there. then later on so did i. we were warning team of "kiss 100" hundred together forly while. we get together every veterans day. for lunch. >> he is a guy where you know you recognize the voice instantly, we worked together at 102.9wmgk. so, thanks to mike and all of the veterans for their service. speedometer readings, slow going on the betsy, the turnpike, schuylkill, even 4232, accident in the work zone, this is live look, at route 202, northbound, right at the route 401 cattle shoot where they take it down to two lanes with no shoulder there, so this is rough, causing delay, for anyone leaving west chester, heading northbound, and what's tough is look, no way, no shoulder to put the
8:15 am
axe in, to put the car off. so we got to get tow truck, police vehicle in there as you work your way north on 202 south an accident, near the white horse pike, head in toward bellmawr, new jersey, and an accident westbound, on the schuylkill expressway, this one involving a deer near 476, still causing delays for the gang headed out towards king of prussia. and, as the rain moves, in we are probably going to start to see delays at philadelphia international airport. >> bark to you. >> 8:15. >> yesterday we told you more tan 100 women are filing lawsuit against local pharmaceutical company saying they became pregnant while they were taking birth control pills. >> women claim they became pregnant because their birth control was incorrectly packaged, all about the packaging jennifer brands is here, our attorney, good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> park averaging and placebo pills. >> that's allegedly what they say, pills were somehow miss
8:16 am
packaged, and that's why the claimants are claiming that's why they got pregnant. >> may ski a dumb man question here? >> go ahead. >> so you get a back of birth control pills, say it comes in rectangular form, you have weeks of pills, right? so one of the weeks a placebo, sugar pill, not really birth control pill. >> correct. >> what's the reason? so that's why you're on your period, you take those. >> correct. you can keep up the routine, so take it at the same time every day and keep it consistent. >> so these women were take the placebo, not the birth control pill. thought they were make taking it but placebo. >> we don't know what happened. and we don't know in some pills, there are ' all one color, some pills they're color coded different weeks. so we really don't know what happened, why, if they were out of order, why they were out of order or what was out of order. that hasn't really been disclosed. >> oh, they've if the disclosed?
8:17 am
packaging problem or not? >> that's what the claim s that's what the packaging claims. >> do you think they have a strong case here? because they got pregnant while taking the pills to prevent them from being pregnant? >> i think the biggest problem is proof problem. first, you have got to start with did they take these pills. and were the pills miss packaged. that's the number one step that would you have to figure out. and then, as we all know, birth control is not a hundred% effective. >> no. >> everybody knows that. so age if they were taking pills that were miss packaged, did they get pregnant because that far or is it because they misused the pill. they didn't take them at birth control pills you're supposed to take it the same time every day. not supposed to miss a pill. how can you ever determine going back in time whether what happened. >> but does it have to be as specific as that? can it just be hey i know it is not a hundred percent effective but you shrine my chances of getting pregnant when you say that's not how it is supposed to go when i am taking the pill? >> apparently the claim here
8:18 am
they want the companies to pay for children that were born as a result of get egg pregnant while taking the pills. >> what's wrong with thaty? wasn't planning on having a kid, that's why i took the pill. >> your pill is never 100% effective. >> but 90%, 95%. >> but always a chance. how can you proof whether it was because of that, because there was misuse of the pills -- >> hold on. >> that's the difficult knit lawsuit. >> what about if all 113 woman used the same pill? from the same company? >> that's something that they would have to show, and they would have to show that they had a child. do you have look at individual cases. i don't think this is a type of case where you can group it together just because they took this pill and got pregnant, that it was because of miss packaging. >> then the recall. but reached out to the companies named in the lawsuit, and the subsidiary. they told us that their commitment is the patient's safety and take product quality very seriously, they went on to say they are aware
8:19 am
of the complaint, and they want to clarify few things, there was no new or recent product recall. the recall that forms the basis of the suit entirely voluntary, and occurred more than four years ago in september of 2011. the recall on extremely small number of pill packs, manufactured by he can turn al contract manufacturer, and has been able to confirm only one blister pack that manifested defect was sold to a patient. >> one. >> only one. >> say one every these women wins the lawsuit. how do you determine how much monday that i person would get? yesterday we had survey that says it takes $245,000 to raise a child from zero to 18 years every age. >> difficulty, too, because obviously every family is different. this is based on statistical survey, what the amount that you're quoting, but really how do you know how much it takes? and is that the proper result? that you get the money for raising a child, because you
8:20 am
had an unplanned pregnancy? >> un foresee expense, i feel if the woman went to the birth control, took the pills, so they wouldn't have to have the expenses but now they do, wouldn't that mean -- >> men are freaking out too. >> that's right. >> because they'll be able to be hook for child support. >> that's right. >> this case is going to be around for weeks. we'll see what happens. >> tis the season for breaking up with your significant other. why more couples are ending their relationships just before the holidays. i understand why. >> but first, unlikely friend, for justin bieber. why fans are so surprised over a new selfie with the bieber. >> it wasn't me. >> we know it wasn't you. >> ♪ giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> asking to you give memories
8:24 am
that trigger your ex. >> listening to right now. >> oh, that's nice. >> do you have yours ready to go, alex holey? >> i think i have mine ready to go. >> lost love in your wife? >> hey, the hollywood report their magazine out there has ended its annual power ranking of women in hollywood. i casino of look forward to that every year, magazine's president said it is wrong to host a female cage match basically, pitting them against each other, and felt it was clint to go gender imbalance in hollywoodment the publication will instead do a power ranking of both men and women. that makes sense. stars, oprah winfrey, jennifer laurence have made the list in recent years for sure. >> talk about a pair every unlikely friends. jennifer aniston, and justin bieber. >> they share a moment together. the bieber posted this picture on instagram showing them together in a selfie. there wasn't a caption, just black and white photo. now he's 21. she's 46. and she's actually bieber's
8:25 am
ex-girlfriend's idol, salina gomez, always said she look to up jennifer aniston. maybe post it to look who i'm with. >> now, salina is not with bieber any more? >> , no might have post that to put it in her face. do you like franklin square. >> i do and i love the lights. >> so does chris murphy. he is riding the ride. >> hey, what's up, guys. aim here with amy needle with historic philadelphia. she will tell us about everything going on tonight to kick off this big what's it called? >> franklin square holiday festival. >> how original and great is that? right back after we step down and try to get our stomachs back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> now like to hide the root, like tara there, you new and sparkly trend celebrities swearing by, for their partner
8:29 am
. >> ♪ >> adele's new song, inspiring 64% of women, to reach out and contact their ex. >> what? >> so tell us; there a song out there, when you hear it, you're like hum, you just start thinking about your ex and the way things used to be? >> sure. >> thinking about them, and you're tempted, like hum, should i reach snout. >> should i text? should i call? >> should i read that voice mail. >> i have my song ready to go. >> i have a couple. >> do you? >> well, you've had so many boyfriend. >> just down the street here park called franklin square park. and they know how to do it up for the holidays. remember this? >> ♪ >> it is beginning to look at lot like christmas.
8:30 am
>> from the decorations where slowly but surely starting to see go up in and around the city to the official tree that will soon be in place in reading, pennsylvania. >> of course, we can't forget the salvation army red kettle bellsment still we know where one step closer to the holidays, when the lights go up, at franklin square. >> oh, you know we're close when they start putting up the light over franklin square park. >> and the holiday show there. nice hat. >> look at the mini golf balls, green and red. hey, amy, how are you? you were with historic philadelphia, tonight good night to kick off this franklin square celebration. >> that's right. >> so philly mini golf. start it off with this. 7 acres to get through. do you want red or green. >> i'll take green. >> boom. how philly is that? ricochet out of bound. hold it real quickly then i part, this is fun, guys, lights here and there are also
8:31 am
heat rests. get in the hole, ball. >> all right, let's go, run. we have so much to show you, 7 acres, amy, thank you for doing this in your heal. already getting tired. you have a beer garden waiting for us, but first to help us relax can we just do little bit of this? hi, how are you? >> say it again? >> hi, from chinatown, here every morning. >> oh, this -- >> let's get out of here. let's go this way. now thank you. good morning. we did the carousel about five minutes ago. when does the carousel run? >> carousel runs all day, but during the holiday festival, which starts every night, at 4:30, there is holiday music on the carousel, you can play miss philly mini golf. then come over here, not running any more. >> no, let's run, because there is beer. so this is what you have set up. these tents here. you will put of put the fireplaces in little later action all start tonight at 5:00.
8:32 am
will run until december 31, this festival and the lights oh, time out. the light show, turn around, we almost forgot. this is ben franklin's kite. this is the light show every half hour on the hour from five p.m. to 8:00 p.m.? >> that's rightment all put to the sounds of the philly pops and the nutcracker, great sounds, all synchronized to music, you'll have great views, great way to kick off the holidays. >> let's go have some great food. you guys have fried or yost. never had fried oreo before. >> the first for everything here. >> funnel cake, what other food. >> weaver comfort food. not today but starting the holiday season, it will get chilly. you can warm up with the bruce. >> this a foremen sean fried oreo. >> yum. >> oh, that looks good. >> delicious. you know whale ' wash it down with? i'll wash it down with dark beer. >> what are you having? >> i'll have this. >> cheers. >> fried or yost and beer? >> that's terrible
8:33 am
combination. but here. >> guys for first time ever they have holiday market here. that's why i have this amazing hat on. i love this hat. check out all of this cool stuff. so, if you want to escape inside, and let the kids play mini golf on the carousel, george, common in. you have got all casino of stuff to get you ready and ready for the holidays season. >> that's right. it will be great holiday shopping, some wonderful gifts you can pick up, this is warming tent. so you'll be able to be warm have, your beer, fried or yost. mac and cheese, chilly, great comfort food. >> and you can see the final preparations are underway here. and back there is sort of the food court, and the beer place. really something for everyone, and cold, fireplaces coming in tonight. so no excuse not to hang out around sixth and race, guys. >> just gather around the fireplace. >> you know, i went to the lighting ceremony, it is a delight show, spectacular, all computerized to music and stuff.
8:34 am
8:33, high, sue. >> just get ming all warm and fuzz. >> i that was great. boy, things chris, wore poor amy out. umbrella with bus stop buddy no not raining in the city right now but will be, so bring the rain gear. midday rain, temperatures are in the 40's, right now. giving you six out of ten in your weather by the numbers we get to hi, later on, of about 63 degrees, now there is will be early high temperature as the colds front comes through, tonight, we're down to about 45, again, it is midday showers, so it shouldn't be raining for your ride home. blustery day on friday, more of that just ahead. >> good morning, 8:34, thanks to keith our floor director here for passing along this picture, don't you hate when this happens? tractor-trailer wedged, underneath the railroad overpass. this is mt. pleasant avenue, just off of the lincoln drive. so that's going to be hot mess, for the remainder of the morning. usually what they have to do here is they'll deflate all of
8:35 am
the tires to lower just enough to get them pulled out of there with the tow truck. rush hour underway here, east on 422 jammed into royersford, then again in toward king of prussia. slow going on the schuylkill in both directions, and they finally pushed this disable off to the shoulder. this is a live look, 202, northbound, right before route 401, the little pup off there. back up boot road all the way up through malvernment mike and alex, back over to you. >> boot road. >> boot road. >> mosquitos drive you nuts. listen to this. folks. you don't need bug repellent. we've found two perfumes, if you mix them, if you combine them, alex, it act at a bug repellent, and i'll tell you which brands it is. >> oh, okay. >> and, keep use that #fox29goodday. we are never getting back together from taylor swift. that's a good one to make you think of your ex.
8:36 am
what about this one, my boo by usher anal leash a keys, another good one. we'll keep thinking. >> you know, i'm just heart sick right now. >> you want to go to your ex? >> i do. >> ♪
8:37 am
like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye. find and book a doctor in private with zocdoc.
8:38 am
after trying brookside chocolates, christopher b wrote: "why is this bag only 2 pounds?" we couldn't tell if you were joking, so we made a 100-pound bag. thanks george! introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe.
8:39 am
>> we're getting you all ready for the spring and summer next year. apparent lip, you know, put the bug repellent on. >> and it smells. >> stinks. >> so guess what? we found two perfumes, according to the study, there are two fragrances, that double as mosquito repellent if you combine them, researchers with popular science found, popular science magazine, found that victoria's secret, the scent called bombshell, and then, a von skin so soft bath oil, if you put them together, it is a bug repel glenn my mother believes in skin so soft.
8:40 am
now the study also proved that deet is still the most effective insect repellent. >> brand name of bug repellent, deet? >> deet. >> there are different forms every skin so soft. like she believes and i guess this is proof it wards off moss deet owes. we have the lowering the body oil, all kind of bath stuff, shower gel, we have all kind of lines of the skin so sort, hey, it wards off mosquitos, it smells nice, skin so soft t makes the skin soft. >> i'll take you back before, back when was alive. >> okay? >> so what are you now? >> back in the day the avenue von company had a slogan, and what was it? >> you tell me. were you alive then. >> ya. you said this was back when you were alive. >> yes? >> dingdong avon calling. hey, kit cat kline can you finds this? >> this has to do with skin so soft? >> the a von corporation makes skin so soft. >> yes, but you just wanted to
8:41 am
say that. >> it came to my minds. >> okay. >> you chastise g me for it? >> no, just trying to find the connection. i know it is connected but -- >> really? >> listen. >> goes on like a charm. stays on beautifully. feels so creamy moist. avon's rainbow range of shades. your avon representative will be calling soon. welcome her. >> avon calling. >> there go. >> oh, look that the. >> that's so far back people used to come to your house and sell you make up. >> yes, like mary kay and things? >> let me tell this, they used to deliver mill took your home. >> yes mike, they did. >> you heard about that? >> yes and they still do mail. they do that too. you can get letters and things. really quite amazing. >> what is this thing you call mail? >> snail mail. >> it may and flashback to the nine's, but glittery hair is making a come back, especially for your roots. >> so instead of getting them toughed up, people are splashing them with glitter. >> cover it with gritter. >> yep. so instagram has been filled with snaps of hair, that's
8:42 am
covered in sparkles. what do you think of it? >> cheaper. >> celebrities including miley cyrus, lucy hail, hey i love this trends. fans of the hair gel carefully placed the glitter on the hair, that's how it sticks. >> i know it won't last long but i think it is casino of cute. >> i don't know if i'm fan. >> i bet there are women who are clubbing at 8: 42 in the morning. >> maybe they have grit nerve their hair? >> let's check it out. we're clubbing. >> is that your club dance. >> that's my club dance. >> learning to tech, beauty lucious beyonce workshop. ladies are getting ready, basically announcing they've added another twerk shop. we will talk about it, philly fitness dance. check them out. >> ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8: 45, is this trenton? is this the home of -- wilmington. >> oh, home of the blue rocks, okay. well, thanks, yes, there is i95, great view from i95, when you are coming from the south, and you drive-thru wilmington on your way to philadelphia. you see frawley stadium, named after the former mayor of wilmington, delaware. now, showers, between ten and
8:46 am
2:00 when we're saying, but we already have some showers in the area out to our west. so it is rough estimate. now, gust, that would be wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour tomorrow. plan on a blustery day. for saturday, the fall chill returns, lucky to make it to ooh degrees, even with sunshine, breezes around will make it feel even chillier. see the rain rolling in, from west to east, raining in lancaster county, parts of berks county, get ready chester county almost there. and up in the mountains, as well. teases going on, have the rain gear with you, won't last all day, should be gone by 2:00, 3:00. then tomorrow saturday, sunday, temps in the 50's as we said it will be chilly over the weaken but very crisp and autumnal, getting milder by the middle of next week. and that is your weather authority forecast.
8:47 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> year after year, beyonce workshop one of the most popular for philly dance fitness, even called it a twerk shop, yes, in the past, this weekend, well, they called it that in the past, this weekend they're booty lucious boot camp already sold out. jen, i wonder why? >> yes, the workshop this weekend already sold out. you have big announce. >> yes adding another section because of course you can never have too much beyonce. apparently that popular. so we will give people what they want. it will be december 5th, 6:00 p.m., at our mid town location. >> now, she is the twerk old gist. >> she is. >> is she going to be there december 5th? >> of course, all three of us will be there, so myself, trees, michelle, the destiny child. >> okay, so we'll see pictures
8:48 am
from your website. you can start the music whenever. basically what you guys do here by far your most popular. >> close tie with justin timberlake. >> really? why is it we all want to be beyonce? >> who wouldn't want to be, right? very differs crowd. gorgeous, has a lot of money. fame, popularity, who wouldn't want that. >> and she shake it. >> now, so, i'm assume being the bulk of the people who come to the workshops are not regular dancers. >> not necessarily. they all want to be beyonce, of course, all dance at home, so -- >> i love it. all right, let's show some moves now. so here's what we're doing, guys, little sample,. >> you can go ahead, make it work. don't and show off, girlfriend. >> we know cherif from another work out we've seen before. guys, the situation is this. they are going to show you
8:49 am
what the goal is. okay? people when they go to the workshop, it is 90 minute thing. they get to learn a lot of different moves. at 9:00, they say that i'm going to be able to do part of this work out. i am not all the way convinced i will be able to do it, but like we said, they have two, for this weekend, they just sold out. so they've added another one for december 5th. 6:00 p.m., 07% of the people who come to this thing are new to their dance school, and many of them come back. so alex, be learning some moves, maybe you, me, lauren and sue serio, need to be to the workshop on december 5th. sue's over here dancing. >> beyonce, dance. >> oh, mike said he figure. that will anyway, sound so cool. december 5th. i might go to. that will 8:49. you guys know i love beyonce,
8:50 am
mike, you have a beyonce dance you want to do? >> i'm twerking. >> okay, another nanny controversy, reports claim that gavin cheated on gwen stefani for years. a.m. it was with the nanny. new details surrounding the end of their marriage. >> lottery numbers. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant.
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at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe. that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously?
8:53 am
at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. >> gloria gaynor. >> i have met her. >> do you know she has a home in myrtle beach. >> did she die? sue? gloria gaynor? she still alive? >> i saw her on a tv show recently. >> don't kill her off, mike. >> so she does survive. just saying, she survived. >> yes. >> so she is alive. >> we got the gist. >> what's the idea here?
8:54 am
>> playing songs that remind you of your ex. >> some people sending songs to blake up with your ex, i was thinking songs when i was with my ex were good, now that they're done, whenever i think of that song i think of my ex. >> i think we can go both ways on this. >> there are two lanes here. >> own your lane. is it own your lane? >> own your world. >> you always do that. just stay in your lane, own your own wormed. >> reporter for the popular website match recall. com. people are loving. that will uses a barbie doll to document her love-hate relationship with city living. like near city of philadelphia. right? and here it is. >> so meet honest barbie. andrea created honest barbie, posed all over the city enjoying bottomless mimosa's at branch, blowing her paycheck on metro cards for the subway. she even goes on a few bad tinder dates. >> oh, no. >> she's drunk on the right there. >> so think it is metro card? >> buying metro cards, the way
8:55 am
it get around, swipe your cards. >> makes sense. now, she started the count two weeks ago, already has 46,000 followers. >> it is cute. >> real life. >> this should be real life barbie. >> yes. >> single girl in the city. >> man buns are all the rage. >> this dude has one. >> jake, not any dude. >> is that jake? >> jake. >> horrible picture of him, isn't it? how do you think i would look, i really want to start growing my hair out now, and get a bun, because i met some guys yesterday, they say their love is really on fire since he put the bun on. >> really? mike maybe do you need one of those buns. >> i met one at a luncheon, one at the restaurant, and invited them in. they're here. >> men buns everywhere. >> we will tell you how the man bun has changed their love life. >> okay.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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jared duemling alex payne
8:59 am
>> ♪ >> staying alive. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, november the 12th, 2015, lauren dawn johnson is joining us now. >> hey, what's up? >> tis the season for breaking up. >> what? >> why more couples are ending their relationship just before the holidays. >> and, another nanny controversy. reports claim that gavin rotdale cheated on gwen stefani for years with the nanny, the new details though surrounding the ends of their marriage. it gets worse. >> has a man bun. >> jen? >> okay, it is so hot, it has already sold out, but they added another twerp lesson, yes, booty lucious, beyonce, dance workshop. shireese is working it, everyone is looking good. i'm going to it will you will where you can learn thousand
9:00 am
get your twerk on, with twerk, is going to work, everyone wants to twerk. >> she is working it this morning. >> wow. >> it is 9:00 straight up. okay, yesterday we talk about man buns, we'll explain what they are. guys, especially out in hollywood, they grow their long hair in the back, not muscle he will, they tie it into a bun almost like a ponytail, jake has one there, i notice that jared sports a bun. >> even gavin rothdale, he and gwen stefani, he has a man bun, as well. so could i pull this off? yesterday i went to luncheon benefit, had luncheon, woman of the week. >> yes. >> and i look out across the crowd, there is a guy with red hair and he has a man bun. >> oh? >> i said hey, his name is franklin. franklin, common in. there is frankly right there. i said would you come into good day philadelphia tomorrow? he said sure. i said guess what i want to talk to you about? he said


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